Thursday, March 5, 2015

Welcome ! Alpha 0.1 !

Hello everyone !

Thanks for visiting this blog !
It's dedicated to the development of my first game, FtheBlocks, a Bomberman clone done with Unreal Engine 4. On this blog, you'll find some information about the game, how it was made and of course the game itself because it's a freeware.

The first release (Alpha 0.1) was just released and you can find it on the Download page. All the assets (except the music) are placeholders so if you have any remarks/comments, do not focus on the art.

This first version is fully playable and contains the following features :
-4 players local multiplayer
-Keyboard and joypad support (up to 4 joypads)
-Two players can share the keyboard
-Two players can share a joypad (so up to 4 players with one PC, one keyboard and one joystick)
-Three game modes : last man standing, deathmatch and paint
-7 levels

There is no AI or onlime multiplayer so you need at least one buddy to play.

Have fun !

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